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Finally enjoying drawing after a long time

Posted by ClunkyDot - July 2nd, 2022

Feel like making an update since I guess I do got some general news/stuff to say. I'll start this off by saying thank you so much for the recent love for my brackenwood related stuff! I've been having an absolute blast with drawing it and I've been apart of the Brackenwood community and haven't felt so happy in a long while. I feel I am actually making improvements to my artwork and I have been so absorbed into my new found interest of painting!! I always liked to paint but I didn't do it as much cuz I mainly did cel-shaded lined stuff but after doing that pico day piece, i felt the urge to try and push myself to make cooler art and to get better at painting.

With that being said, since I have been so absorbed into brackenwood and anything related to it, I have basically lost my interest/fixation for Pico's School and even FNF as of lately. Due to personal reasons I won't get into, it's safe to say I no longer felt happy drawing and being apart of those communities, and it got to a point where mentally I knew I was gonna lean to a new thing cuz the drama in both communities have been mentally draining, and does the opposite to inspire. I still love both of those games, but I don't feel comfortable making FNF/Pico art as much anymore. If you followed me just for those things, I'm sorry, but don't expect much/any fanart of those two things at all, except occasionally or if I have a genuinely good idea. I'm so much happier now with what i've been creating and doing so the support I've been getting from those within the brackenwood community or my friends/mutuals who have been enjoying my work really help keep me going!! I have so many ideas and I have motivation to make stuff.

TL;DR - Thanks for the support on my recent stuff, I've been having a blast with my recent work this past month or so. Anyone who followed for FNF/Pico stuff don't expect any of those two topics posted on my profile anytime soon.




Draw whatever makes you happy man!! Your Brackenwood pieces you been putting out are dope as hell!!

I understand you about the Pico stuff, I don’t involve myself much with drawing fanart of that for the exact same reason. Brackenwood looks really cool, I’ve only heard of it recently, sounds like something I should check out!

Definitely check it out. There's a series playlist on NG for Brackenwood!! There's also a short film coming out later this year.

whatever makes you happy, we are happy with !!

i mean good artists don't need to rely on drawing a few characters. they draw what they want ! a to me, art usually comes out as a melting pot of what they are interested in and is going on in there dunky head.

i don't know what those wild funkheads did or what it was that made you uncomfortable but its amazing to see you take that as an opportunity to learn and explore your drawing.

i love every piece you put out and i hope this motivation to draw continues :)
those brackenwood drawings are amazing and hopefully that encourages to continue to try and draw new things and go outside the norm !!

I'm so glad that you have found happiness in drawing the things you love! Your recent Brackenwood pieces have been absolutely amazing! I'll definitely have to check out Brackenwood for myself, it seems like something I might like.

I understand the lost of interest on certain topics but do what you most like and makes u happy!! I'll always support you no matter what!

thats awesome erin! Keep doin what ur doin!

man, i havent felt the joy of drawing because i needed to improve more, but since ive read this post, this actually makes me wanna go back to drawing now and improve my art style!

Yeah!! honestly it comes with drawing a lot. The more you draw the more you'll see progress. When I began to paint more, i improved a lot!! when you enjoy drawing, you'll see progress. :)